The Most Trusted Hearing Aid Repair Services in the Hartland and Commerce Township Area

Man and woman looking at hearing aids that need to be repaired.

How annoying is it when the hearing aids you rely on go kaput, fizzle, or just won’t work the way they should?

Keeping your hearing aids in optimal condition is crucial to connecting with the world. While modern hearing aids are built to last and withstand exposure to the elements and daily use, you will occasionally need to bring them in for repair and upkeep.

You should schedule an annual clean and check every six months. These appointments will involve a professional cleaning and a recheck of your hearing to make sure we don’t need to adjust the programming. During these appointments we will also check the battery and look for common problems such as damage to the casing or to the ear hook.

Seniors playing a board game.

We fix most major hearing aid brands so you can get your hearing back right away.

We not only sell hearing aids, we provide ongoing care and repair of the brands we carry. Call us for an appointment. We will take a quick look and give you an estimate.

How much is your hearing aid repair going to cost? 

Good question…

That depends on what’s wrong with the hearing aid, whether it’s still under warranty, and what is covered by your insurance. If we have to replace mechanical parts, and those repairs aren’t covered, it can be a few hundred dollars. But more often than not, the hearing aids need a simple repair such as a battery replacement or a professional cleaning, which are far less expensive.