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No matter what your hearing loss is, we have a hearing solution for you.  Come see us at Livingston Hearing for a free hearing consultation to find out which technology level fits your lifestyle and hearing loss.


Special Events - 4 Days Only! 

Livingston Hearing will Be Offering FREE HEARING CONSULTATIONS And FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Of Our Newest Hearing Technology at our Special Events during the month of June! 

Special Guest, Starkey Factory Specialist – Rachael Massey, will be on hand to help with any questions.  
Along with Commerce Hearing Center, Rachael brings years of professional experience in the hearing healthcare industry. Together, we have insight into the challenges that accompany hearing loss and access to the latest and most advanced technological developments in hearing sciences. 

June 13th & 14th • Wednesday & Thursday 
Commerce Hearing Center
9640 Commerce Road, Suite 106
Commerce, MI 48382

Call now for an appointment: (248) 779-6309


June 12th & 15th • Tuesday & Friday
Livingston Hearing Center 
12319 Highland Road, Suite 201 
Hartland, MI 48353

Call now for an appointment: (810) 991-4113

Spaces are limited and appointments will go fast so sign up TODAY!  


A Hearing Consultation is very important, especially if…

People seem to mumble, especially in noise or groups.
You have difficulty hearing the TV.
You need others to repeat what they are saying.
You remain quiet in conversations for fear of responding improperly.
You haven’t been tested in the last year.

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of These Scenarios, Call Today To Schedule Your No Obligation FREE Hearing Screening!

Hartland Commerce
Trillium Professional Center 9640 Commerce Rd.
12319 Highland Rd. Suite 106
Suite 201 Commerce Township , MI 48382
Hartland , MI 48353

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